The awful scale of Britain’s dementia problem

Source: Telegraph Telegraph View: The growth in the condition is arguably the most pressing medical and social problem facing the western world Ministers pledged to dramatically improve rates of dementia diagnosis, which led to the new scheme. Source: Alamy What is to be made of the sharp increase in the diagnosis of dementia? [...]

Hundreds of bereaved families blocking organ donation, according to NHS

Source: Independent Source: Independent 1,200 patients would have received transplants if families did not veto a donor's wishes. New data has revealed that one in seven bereaved families have gone against a relative’s wishes and refused organ donation in the past five years.  Some 547 transplants have been stopped by families despite the deceased signing [...]

Dementia: ‘Shocking’ variation of hospital care in England revealed by Alzheimer’s Society

Source: Independent Source: Independent Dementia patients experience a ‘shocking’ variation in the quality of hospital care they receive across England, with some suffering malnourishment and falls, a charity has warned. As many as 92 per cent of dementia patients found hospitals frightening, according to new figures released by The Alzheimer’s Society to coincide with [...]

Mental health: ‘One in four adults in England has a condition’

Source: BBC Source: Thinkstock One in four adults has been diagnosed with a mental illness at some stage during their lifetime, the annual health survey for England suggests. The survey asked 5,000 adults and found 26% said they had received a mental health illness diagnosis. Depression was the most frequently reported mental illness, with [...]

NHS England ‘to impose 20% sugar tax’ in hospital cafes

Source: BBC Source: Thinkstock The NHS is to impose its own "sugar tax" in hospitals and health centres in England to help tackle the growing problem of obesity, its head has said. Chief executive Simon Stevens told the Guardian newspaper he was proposing a 20% tax on all sugary drinks and foods in NHS [...]

Dementia patients face ‘Russian roulette’ in hospital

Source: BBC It's estimated that one in four hospital beds is occupied by a person with dementia.Source: Christopher Furlong Dementia patients admitted to hospital in England play "Russian roulette" with their health, a charity is warning. The Alzheimer's Society said it had found "shocking" evidence of poor and variable care during its review. The report, [...]

Doctors need training on how to tell patients they are dying, report finds

Source: Independent Not all doctors had the confidence to discuss death with their patients Source: Corbis Medics find it difficult to tell patients they are dying, with some 'thrown in at the deep end'. Doctors need training on how to tell patients they are dying rather than having to learn “on the job”, a [...]

Junior doctors’ dispute: Talks resuming in bid to stop strikes

Source: BBC Source: PA Talks aimed at avoiding further NHS strikes in England are due to resume later, amid warnings the government could impose its controversial new contract on junior doctors. The British Medical Association (BMA) and the government are to begin two days of talks at 10:00 GMT, the conciliation service Acas said. [...]

Helping the elderly can also help the NHS this winter

Source: NHS England People have been urged to help the frail and elderly this winter and, in doing so, help take the pressure off frontline NHS services. The call comes from Professor Keith Willett, NHS England’s Director for Acute Care, who is leading the Urgent and Emergency Care Review. Source: Alamy Professor Willett is [...]

Motor neurons and locomotion: even more complex than we thought

Source: Medical News Today Groundbreaking research published in Nature this week shows that the role of motor neurons in locomotion is far more complicated than neuroscientists previously believed. Classically considered to be little more than messengers, motor neurons seem set to receive a promotion. The natural complexity of the nervous system is both awe-inspiring and bewildering. [...]